Ultra TileFix ProLevel One Deep Fill Floor Leveller Bag

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Ultra TileFix ProLevel One Deep Fill Floor Leveller Bag

In Stock

Ultra TileFix ProLevel One Deep Fill Floor Leveller Bag

A single part semi-rapid setting flexible adhesive for wall and floor tiles.It is able to take light foot traffic within 3 hours of installation depending upon temperature and substrate. Please note that this product uses natural aggregates and other materials that may marginally vary in colour. This does not affect the consistency or characteristics of the product. This product must be stored in unopened bags, clear of the ground in dry conditions. Ideal storage temperatures are between 5 degree celcius and 25 degree celcius.  

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UltraTileFix ProLevel ONE Deep Fill Floor Leveller Bag

A single part, high strength, rapid drying and curing cementitious smoothing and levelling compound. The product’s formulation incorporates a blend of specially graded fillers, cements and polymers with a rapid curing profile to enable early fixing of tiles even at thicker depth applications.

Internal use

Formulated for depths up to 60mm in one application

Flexible properties for use with underfloor heating systems

3-60mm depth

3 hours set time

Tile after 8 hours

20kg : 3.4L mixing ratio

Conforms to CT C35 F6 EN 13813 classification

Size: 20kg

Lifetime guarantee

UltraTileFix ProLevel ONE EXTENDED INFO:

It provides a strong, sound, even base which creates an idea substrate for the fixing of small or large tiles, allowing the tiling process to begin after only 8 hours. Its fast set time (in good ambient conditions) enables light foot traffic in 3 hours.

Suitable Surfaces & Substrates:

Concrete subfloors

Tamped or pan floated concrete

Sand/cement screeds

Existing smoothing underlayment

Terrazzo/granolithic ceramic tiles

Anhydrite/calcium sulphate/gypsum based screed

Plywood/tile backer board

Warm water underfloor heating

Radiant electrical underfloor heating system

UltraFloor DPM IT

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