WarmUp 150w StickyMat system - 1 sqaure metres

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WarmUp 150w StickyMat system - 1 sqaure metres

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StickyMat System

An electric underfloor heating mat and cable system with pressure sensitive adhesive for the fastest installation. Features an ultra-thin 1.8mm wire that does not raise floor levels.

Suitable for installation with most tiles.

Warmup is a global leader in floor heating providing high quality underfloor heating systems and smart thermostats for all projects and budgets. 

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Warmup Underfloor Heating Mat Systems are designed to be tough enough for professional use, yet easy to install for do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

The StickyMat System consists of a thin loose wire, evenly spaced and taped to a glass fibre mesh with pressure sensitive adhesive, which allows for the fastest and most secure installation method of electric underfloor heating. The system is available in a choice of 150 W/m2 and 200 W/m2 heat outputs.

The Warmup Underfloor Heating Mat System utilises the Warmup dual core heating element and with only one power lead to wire, it is easy to install in just a matter of hours, without raising floor levels. The cable is attached in a series of loops to thin but tough underfloor heating mats making it perfect for floor areas from as small as 0.5m2 and up.

Please ensure all safety guidelines are adhered to during and after installation of this product.

Features and benefits

  • Thinnest wire you can buy: 2mm, multi-strand core, double-insulated using advanced fluoropolymers
  • StickyMat with pressure sensitive adhesive, for the fastest and most secure installation
  • Quick installation - Simply roll out the underfloor heating mat with pre-spaced wire
  • The pressure sensitive adhesive ensures that no wire or mesh is raised when tiling or covering with self-levelling compound
  • Can be repositioned easily without losing adhesion
  • Flexible - no customising is necessary
  • Approvals: ASTA BEAB, KEMA, GS, CERTIF, VDE and CE mark
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • SafetyNet Installation Guarantee

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