How can porcelain tiles upgrade any space from ordinary to stylish

Tiles can change the feel of any space, from the bathroom to kitchen, walls and floors, they can add a statement or simply a function, here at Mega Bathrooms we have tiles for every purpose. To make the installation as easy for you as possible, we also sell adhesives and tiling accessories, meaning they’ll be up in no time. It goes without saying, tiles have a function and it's important to gage splash areas in your bathroom or kitchen before deciding where the tiles will be. All our tiles are handpicked and made from quality materials made to last.

Tile Interior Trends

Adding new tiles to your space is one way of updating your look and keeping it stylish. Keeping up with current interior trends can give you inspiration and help decide what look you want to go for. One current trend is having extra-large tiles dominate walls or floors in either bathrooms or kitchens. Having larger tiles can create a statement look without having a busy pattern by just adding texture, such as our Curton Matt Finish Tile in Taupe. They give a stylish, modern and expensive feel to any room, while also keeping it neutral. Another modern way to showcase tiles is to use geometric styled tiles scubas the Fashion Stone Clay Lappato Finish Rhomboid Mosaic these unique tiles will make your bathroom or kitchen a stand out, they are easy to clean and a perfect addition to a wellness-inspired room. Pair these with natural stone countertops or neutral paint, you could even try some unique tile placements. Our Subway Nero Glossy ceramic wall tiles are a great way to modernise your kitchen, the shape inspired by this classic London Underground style, adds something a little different to your space. You can also liven up your kitchen space by mixing and matching colours from the range, even just a mixture of the neutral colours will change and lift the space. Most of our tiles double up in functionality for both floor and walls and also for bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles, however it states in each product description its best placement, as some tiles can also be used for countertops. 

Styling Coloured Tiles

As well as functional, our tiles are designed to update any space, bringing a fresh, bold look, completely transforming your house. You can do this in many ways to suit your existing style, for example, if your bathroom is more traditional than adding something such as the Symphony Dark Grey Gaudi porcelain tile would be a perfect addition. Creating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, these would be perfect for an all-white or minimal bathroom. They are stain-resistant, crack-resistant and have a 10-year warranty for that added peace of mind. The symphony blue ornamental- 2 matt porcelain tile would add a retro look to any kitchen or bathroom, having a feature wall or floor can be a good way to use these tiles and add some more personality to the space. Adding a colour such as this blue can make changing up your space easier, matching accessories to the tiles would give a stylish look.

Depending on the tiles you choose fitting the tiles correctly is important, if you do not feel comfortable fitting them yourself, please seek professional help. The installation of the tiles depends on the tile types and style however you will need various accessories to install the tiles. To help with this we stock grout in different colours such as Kerakoll Fugabella Colour 17 grout pack and Kerakoll Fugabella colour- 47 grout pack to add those finishing touches. We also stock super grip tile adhesive and a range of other adhesives and tools to suit you. 

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