Are bidets good for hygiene?

For many people, bidets are luxury items, but they can provide many benefits regarding personal hygiene. At Mega Bathrooms, we know the importance of great bathroom and washroom features in health, cleanliness and feeling confident.

We will explore the history of hygiene and how bidets have improved cleanliness throughout the centuries. We will also discuss the many health benefits of using a bidet, including improved hygiene and reduced risk of infection. Whether you are considering purchasing a bidet or are curious about its benefits, we aim to provide you with valuable information on the role of bidets in maintaining good hygiene.

Have hygiene habits changed since Covid-19?

A 2021 study entitled “The Covid-19 pandemic and its concomitant benefits: improved hygiene habits” states in its abstract, “…it also shows that the adjustments and adaptations in peoples' behaviour have resulted in improved habits in personal hygiene and self-care”.

It is understandable people place greater importance on personal hygiene with hand-washing and covering your mouth and nose for coughs and sneezes.  Other personal hygiene habits have likely changed, with Buzzfeed suggesting in the initial days of the 2020 UK lockdown, Google Trends reported a spike in users searching for “bidet”.

With toilet paper selling out across the country, this makes sense, but equally, it suggests a greater focus on hygiene habits.

The bidet dates back to the 1700s in France, but it might be a global pandemic which ensures it finally makes its mark in the United Kingdom.

Bidets at Mega bathrooms
Bidet in a modern bathroom

How commonplace is the use of bidets?

In some parts of the world, bidet use is significant, with a late 2010s study indicating bidets are present in 97% of Italian households. In Japan, as of 2015, more than 75% of homes had a toilet-bidet or washlet. However, in the United Kingdom, the proportion of bidets in homes is around 5%.

Traditionally, bidet use has been prominent in countries with a strong religious focus, with predominantly Catholic or Islamic countries being more likely to utilise bidets. There are always exceptions, such as in Japan, and there are examples of Orthodox and Protestant nations favouring bidets.

In the UK, it is also important to remember the quality of plumbing in homes has only significantly improved in the past 50 years. Baths and showers weren’t too commonplace on this island until the 1970s and 1990s, respectively, so it isn’t surprising that bidet use lags here.

What are the health benefits of using a bidet?

Using a bidet can have several health benefits, including improved hygiene and cleanliness. Some specific benefits of using a bidet include:

Reducing the risk of infection: Using a bidet can help to remove bacteria and other germs from the anus and genitals, reducing the risk of infection.

Improving bowel movements: Using a bidet can help clean the anal area more effectively than toilet paper, making bowel movements more comfortable and regular.

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