Combined bidet toilets have become one of our hottest product ranges at Mega Bathrooms. They are a contemporary addition to any bathroom makeover with excellent features whilst still keeping to a traditional toilet design. 

If this is your first time reading about bidet toilets of any variety, then we recommend you give our Bidet Toilet Buying Guide a look over. Here you will find everything you need to know about different Bidet buying options and which one fits your bathroom makeover style the best. 

If you have an interest in buying a bidet toilet from us, you may want to read on! Here we will cover the toilet valve, an essential accessory for full function of the toilet.

What is a Bidet Toilet Valve?

Valves are described to be an essential accessory for a bathroom, used for plumbing in different appliances. They allow regulation, control and direction of fluids that will pass through the pipes of your bidet toilet. 


They are generally made from strong metallic materials and are resistant to corrosion, making them not only a must have but also a low maintenance item. 


If you have never used a bidet before, then the Valve feature is essential for ensuring a strong, controlled flow of water. Without it, it may not work correctly causing clogs in the pipe and incorrect filtering of liquids going in and out of your bidet toilet. 

Different types of Bidet Valves

At Mega Bathrooms we stock a variety of bidet toilet valves. They are easy to install and will work wonders for your new bidet toilet feature.  

If you require any further assistance with valves, our bathroom experts are on hand to give you comprehensive advice on which one you should be purchasing. 

Full Conceal Round Valve on/off

Full conceal round valves are a hassle free valve that are not on show within your bathroom, meaning you do not have to worry about the appearance of the room. 

The only visible part is the knob used to control the flow of your bidet's water.  

GCas Vertical Thermostatic Valve

Thermostatic is another great piece of technology found within bathroom plumbing. Thermostatic technology enables your bidet or shower system to maintain a constant water temperature. Sometimes water temperature can fluctuate for a number of reasons so having this built in feature is a must have for those that do not enjoy change. 

Our thermostatic range has you covered in case there are any hiccups whilst using it. The safety shut off feature is incredibly nifty, just in case the warm or cold water will fail. 

Our product Vertical Thermostatic Bar Valve fits in all of our combined bidet toilets available on our webstore. It’s currently on offer at £63, saving a whopping £60 from the original price. 

- Mixing Valve

Mixing valves are another convenient accessory for your bidet toilet. They act as an anti scold device in water systems offering a great amount of safety, especially for families with young children. 

Water is stored in units/pipes? to keep away any unneeded bacteria that can be harmful when you come in contact with. Therefore Having control over the water is vital to eliminate the chances of causing any harm to yourself or loved ones. 

We stock a regular Thermostatic and a Brass Thermostatic. Mixing valves are easy to install and as they are visible and not hidden, you can easily access them to alter the temperature you set for the water at any time. 

There we have it, our Bidet Valve Buying guide brought to you by Mega Bathrooms. We cannot stress this enough, if you are needing assistance with your bidet combined toilet unit then do please contact our customer service team and our experts are more than obliged to give you advice on what to do next and which product you need to enhance your purchase! 

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