Utilise your mirror for additional storage and lighting

Whether you have a traditional or modern bathroom, whether your space is smaller or larger, here at Mega bathrooms we have bathroom accessories to suit every style. Our large range of mirrors are handpicked to ensure we have something for everyone, with those finishing touches including lighting and storage needs. Below is a guide to help you to choose the right mirror for you and all your bathroom needs, with an introduction to some of the different types and brands we sell. 

Mega Bathroom’s Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the bathroom wall… Hanging mirrors are a good way to save space in any bathroom, ensuring also when hanging the mirror that the placement and height are right for you and your family. We have plenty of shapes and sizes of mirrors to choose from, take our Modena Round Hanging Bathroom Mirror for example, its clean modern style is a good way to bring your bathroom to the present. Our Nula Stylish Innovative Design Mirror is rotatable, meaning that it can be installed to suit you, with a black rim and classic shape it could suit any bathroom.

Storage mirrors

A good way to utilise bathroom space is to add additional storage in the form of a mirrored cabinet. Cabinets are perfect for putting bathroom accessories in; such as toothbrushes, as well as having the potential to lock some cabinets, giving you added peace of mind when storing medicines. The Alba mirror unit Nebraska oak helps keep your basin tidy with plenty of storage space, a 2 door design and it comes with a 5-year guarantee. The Mia LED Cabinet comes with the additional choice of having either 1 or 2 doors and it comes in a variety of sizes from 700 x 500- 700- 800mm, making it more personalised to your bathroom. It has a modern design with heated demister pads which allow you to use in steamy bathrooms, as well as built-in charging sockets suitable for toothbrushes, shavers and trimmers. The Mia cabinet has a thick LED rim which is a good way to add additional light to your bathroom.

LED bathroom mirrors

LED mirrors as well as brighten up your space have a lot of benefits, they can add an element of luxury and glamour to your space and add that finishing touch. The round LED make-up wall mounted mirror, is extendable and adjustable, perfect for makeup application or shaving/ trimming, with the option of having 1x or 3x magnification, in a small compact style. The Luxxo Black Curved Bathroom Mirror has a LED backlight installed, controlled by a touch sensor, as well as an integrated shelf to allow for more storage space and less clutter. If you like the idea of having a highlight but the thick LED rim is too much, then the Pavia Glamorous wall mirror is for you. It features a small panel of LED above the mirror, giving a glamorous effect and flattering lighting for the viewer.

At Mega Bathrooms, you’ll find our full range of mirrors here perfect for any bathroom. If you’re looking for more advice to update your bathroom check out our blog posts on the best of bathroom accessories and modern vanity units add a lot of aesthetic value.

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