How to boost your showering experience with a luxury steam shower

Steam shower cubicles are seen as the next generation of showering, each with a variety of features to take your bathing to the next level, they give an unforgettable experience. 


What is a steam shower?

You may be wondering, what is a steam shower?

A steam shower uses warm steam or vapour which takes the place of a normal shower cubicle, similar to a sauna. The cubicle doesn’t take time to heat like a sauna or a hot tub and can be ready in a matter of minutes. Steam showers are generally a self-contained enclosure, to prevent water vapour from escaping and damaging the bathroom. If you suffer from a long term condition; please consult your doctor before considering steam showers, as they pose a risk for those living with heart conditions or diabetes. This modern bathing experience has become a luxury staple in gyms, fitness centres and spa facilities. Since Ancient Roman times, steam has been seen as a healing tool with many benefits and used to treat many ailments, some of which still benefit from the treatment today.


The benefit of steam showers

Steam showers also offer many mental and physical health benefits, helping to create a mindful, relaxing space while also detoxing your physical body from toxins and chemicals. Removing toxins helps to refresh skin and has been proven to make skin look younger; refreshing clogged pores, which allows them to absorb more minerals and vitamins. They have also been known to help improve circulation, the heat increases blood flow which can also help aid recovery from joint pains and sore muscles. Because of the effect, the steam has on your physical body, the relaxation benefits the mind too, helping with stress management and reducing tension, also resulting in a better night's sleep.


How to install a steam shower

When installing a steam shower it is important to consider the space needed and the specific installation needs. An enclosed space allows the vapour not to escape, ruining your drywall or paint in the bathroom and also to maximise your steam experience. It is also important to consider what features you want accessible and if you need certain drainage features or a seat. 


Here at Mega Bathrooms, we have a large range of steam showers with varying prices, sizes and features to suit every need. Space and bathroom layout are worth considering, we have the Novelli Eon A80 Hammam steam shower which is a smaller model size at 800 x 800 but offering those with a smaller bathroom size the option. The Novelli A80 also has a customisable shower finish to suit every style, a promo light function to set the mood and remote control to navigate easily through all of its luxurious functions. We also stock the Novelli Crystal R90 Hammam with dome, at 900 x 900mm it offers a more unique style being a corner unit which could suit a smaller bathroom or offer a different layout. This steam shower is a stylish black, with easy to clean glass walls, it also comes with an overhead rain-effect shower head option while also offering hydromassage, it also contains a soap holder, a shelf for storage and a seat. 


The Novelli Eon 2P120X90 Hamman steam shower is our largest steam shower at 1200 x 900mm, with a futuristic, modern design that aims to bring wellness to all. Made from quality materials and a customisable finish, it is one of the most luxurious steam showers we offer. Some of its features include 8 jet body hydromassage, customisable cromolight, hand shower, soap holder with shelf for storage, a Bluetooth speaker and remote control. 


Steam showers may be seen as a luxury amenity, but is it the future of showering? With all of the added benefits both physically and mentally, it's hard to argue against. Steam showers are a different overall experience to the average shower, but with all our models also offering a shower head in the cubicles it's something you can consider without completely saying goodbye to the traditional shower experience. Check out our full range of steam showers here.


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