Create that perfect contemporary bathroom look

Bathrooms have come a long way since using a chamber pot. Bathrooms have become so popular that many people now hunt for the perfect bathroom, but which bathroom is ideal for you? Here are some questions, tips and points to consider to help you find your perfect bathroom:

  • What type of person are you? Do you like clutter-free spaces, or do you like a more spacious bathroom?

  • How much time do you want to spend in the bathroom each day? Do you plan on spending 20 minutes in the bathroom every day, or would you prefer one that is more spacious to have some quiet time?

  • What kind of bathroom style do you want? Do you want a bathroom filled with chrome and stainless steel or wood and mosaic tiles?

  • Do you want a bathroom that is modern or traditional? If decorating a house from scratch, go for the more traditional look. However, if you are updating an existing space, use a more modern style.

Once you have answered these questions, you'll have a clearer idea of your perfect bathroom.

It is fair to say a contemporary style is a fantastic option, and there is a tremendous range of modern fixtures and fittings available for bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. A contemporary style is typically clean, spacious, and one that makes you feel at home. These are all tremendous outcomes for a bathroom space, so it is easy to see why many property owners opt for a contemporary bathroom look.

What is the purpose of the bathroom?

Asking what the purpose of a bathroom is might seem a strange question. Still, the reality is that the bathroom experience for one person or household is very different from that enjoyed by another. Knowing what you want to achieve in your bathroom is crucial in creating the ideal bathroom for your home.

Some people prefer a centralized layout with everything in one area, while others may prefer more space and flexibility when locating items. If you have a small bathroom and want to maximize the room, put the toilet in one corner with a small sink in the opposite corner.

To make room for all the items you need, it's best to place everything on one side, such as toiletries and towels. If you have more space, you can put the toilet in one corner and the sink in another. Or you can place a small vanity on one side and a mirror on the other. This allows you to use as much space as possible.

You can also go for a more traditional look if you have a smaller bathroom. For example, if your bathroom is small enough, why not go for a clean, tidy white tile finish with granite countertops and stainless-steel appliances?

Don't be afraid to take inspiration from other bathrooms you've admired; this is the starting point for many people regarding home improvements and renovation.

Inspired by a hotel bathroom suite? You can replicate the style at home

One of the most common locations people receive inspiration from is a hotel, and the bathroom is no different. If you have enjoyed a luxurious trip away, you were likely impressed by the luxury of a bathroom and dreamt of replicating it at home. You cannot have a grand bathroom, allowing you the space to relax and unwind when you need to.

Check out the hotel website if you didn't take photographs of the hotel bathroom during your stay. If the bathrooms were good enough to inspire people, there will likely be many photos on their site, so review their gallery and save any images you want to see in your home. You’ll also find plenty of style magazines and websites showing you great examples of hotel bathrooms.

With these images, look for similar features and fittings in a bathroom showroom or website, and you can always ask companies for advice. You might not be able to match a hotel bathroom entirely, but you might be able to replicate it within budget and with minimal fuss and effort.

A bathroom makeover can increase the value of your home

While you should look to improve your bathroom, so it best suits your needs, there is no denying the impact a bathroom makeover has on the value of your home.

Many sources in the United Kingdom suggest an updated bathroom adds value to a property. The Times Money Monitor indicates bathroom improvements add between 2% and 3% to the value of your home while The Property Centre suggests an increase of 4% to 5% is possible.

Knowing you enjoy the short-term benefit of having a brilliant bathroom, but you also get a longer-term benefit of adding value to your home is a great comfort to any homeowner.

Not all bathroom makeovers are the same, though; not everyone will add the same value to a home. If you’re focusing on adding value, think less about your personal preferences, and think more about buyers in general.

To add value to your home, it is best to think of buyers, which is why following the approach set by hotels is a smart idea. Hotels deal with a range of clientele, and while each hotel has an image and brand identity they evoke and share with the world, they cater to a broad range of clients.

This means the style of a hotel bathroom is likely to appeal to many people, which is what you want to achieve with your bathroom makeover.

There is no wrong time to invest in your home, and the bathroom is one of the essential spots in the property. If you’re looking for the most acceptable range of bathroom products offering short and long-term benefits to your household, you will find Mega Bathrooms has everything you could want or need in your bathroom.

Get in touch today to see how your bathroom will become your favourite room at home.

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