With the recent minimalist trend and decreasing bathroom size, it can pose great challenge for a layman to add aesthetic value to it by keeping it clutter free. So solution one should be looking for should not only provide space to store toiletries and necessities but also adds aesthetic value to the space. Here comes the bathroom vanity.

Vanity becomes the focal point of your bathroom the moment it is installed, like sofa or kitchen table. Whether you are decorating large or small bathroom, you prefer modern sleek look or classical traditional look, you need to know about different types, styles and sizes of vanities for it to complement overall ambience and size of your bathroom. From free standing to wall mounted, vanities offer great solution to almost every possible type of bathroom.

Whatever look of bathroom you are planning, a good vanity will not only provide fair storage space but also provide space for a nice sink. It can be drop-in sink, under-mount sink or vessel sink. With type of sinks comes the type of counter tops and each has its own aesthetic value. Counter tops can be made of PVC, Marble, Granite, Quartz, Metal and Corian etc. Each type has its own merits and demerits but carefully thought-out solution in terms of colour and material can make a great difference in overall aesthetics of your bathroom.

Depending a lot on the budget, type of look and use of bathroom, you should be very mindful about the material of vanity. As this is what going to be set the tone of overall aesthetics of your bathroom.


Bathroom Vanity comes in various shapes from rectangular to other sleek modern cuts for more refined look. Modern vanities come with built-in steel rails for towels giving extra functionality and space saving. These rails serves as trims for well-designed vanity and elaborates the decor. LED light strips underneath the wall mounted vanity adds extra decorative elegance to the overall ambience. These lights are cheap, really easy to install and adds a lot of value. Little details like these really improve the decor and aesthetics in terms of modernity of your bathroom and enhances its functionality.

Vanity does not just give you functionality by offering storage space for clutter free bathroom but also acts as a corner-stone to the overall aesthetics of your bathroom. So no matter what type of bathroom decor and aesthetics you want to attain, you will always find the best product suiting to your needs at MegaBathrooms.

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