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Creavit Dream Plus BTW Combined Bidet

Creavit Dream Plus BTW Combined Bidet

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Creavit Dream Plus BTW Combined Bidet

With a Combined bidet you can have a bidet in your bathroom also when space is modest. This unique product combines toilet and bidet in one. It substitutes an existing toilet space without any difficulty. Creavit Dream close coupled all in one combined bidet toilet has a unique modern design with a fine ceramic edge. It is elegantly composed and finished in the highest quality. 

NEW Dream Plus 

Creavit Dream Combined Bidet BTW Toilet All in One With Soft Close Seat

The toilet comes with all the features of a standard toilet and additionally has a hole within the rim area where is located the chrome bidet nozzle. This bidet nozzle has a tube runs through the hole to the back of the toilet and plumbed into the water feed on the back of the WC bidet combo.

Features and Benefits:

  • Space saver, as it combines bidet and toilet in one
  • Environmental friendly, as you will be using less toilet paper
  • Healthier, as it prevents genital illnesses 
  • Comfortable, after use, you’ll be feeling fresh and clean
  • Economical, much cheaper compare to Japanese versions
  • Easy to clean, fully glazed ceramic allows you to have spotless pan
  • European Manufacturing, as an assurance of quality
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