Rimless Bidet Toilets

Our Rimless Bidet Toilets will look beautiful in any bathroom, in wall hung and close coupled, in a range of styles. They combine a bidet and a toilet into one unit, saving space in your bathroom and promoting improved hygiene.  

Rimless bidet toilets don’t feature a rim around the inside of the toilet bowl, meaning there is no hidden ridge for bacteria and limescale to build up, making them cleaner and more hygienic. The nozzle located in the rim for the bidet function can be controlled by a hand on/off tap. Some feature built-in controls, soft close toilet seats, and other options are available.

Buy direct from us here at Mega Bathrooms and save on retail and high street prices. We have experienced bathroom experts on hand to answer any queries you may have about bidet toilet combos, measurements, fitting and design, so please get in touch today if you need any help and support.

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