Wet room ideas to enhance your showering rituals

Wet rooms have soared in popularity in recent years, they have all the components of a normal bathroom, alike in every way; except everything is designed to get wet. With “tanked” floors and walls, meaning sealed with a waterproof membrane and usually designed with a sloping floor to guide water to the drain. Floor to ceiling tiles can create a chic look and the wet room lifestyle should appeal to everyone, being more accessible and easy to clean, maintain and more hygienic. Wet rooms actually improve the quality and value of your property, so they can be a good investment in the long run. Generally, a wet room consists of a walk-in shower separated by a glass screen and then a toilet and sink area, usually with wall and floor tiles. One of the main advantages of having a wet room is optimising your space, smaller bathrooms or rooms containing a separate shower could easily be converted into a wet room, which would naturally save space and open up the room.

The benefits of wet rooms

Wet rooms have many benefits, they are particularly good for those whose movement is restricted, such as for the elderly or disabled. Without the need for a shower tray, accessibility is easier. One accessory that would make independent showering more accessible and easier is the Enzo shower seat, it would integrate into any wet room style easily.

With the walk-in shower being the main focus of the wet room, we have many statements and minimalist options to suit any style. The waterfall shower can add a luxurious and modern feel to any wet room or bathroom. Our Rhomba square shower pack  adds that luxurious feel with its sleek design. One bathroom trend of 2021 is having dark accessories, our Vema shower in black , helps add that dark, chic touch to your wet room. For a more traditional shower unit, our traditional concentric single outlet and overhead shower are a perfect choice. Suitable for all plumbing with an added anti-scald device. 

How to enhance your wet room 

Another good addition to a wet room, especially when looking to achieve a modern bathroom finish is a floating toilet which could be paired with a matching floating sink. Our TP326 wall hung combined bidet and toilet would be a great way to make use of the space and again keep that bathroom looking luxurious and sleek.

If you’re looking to make your wet room design unique we have a large range of bathroom essentials to make your design everything you dreamed of. From luxurious baths and showers to contemporary tile designs, in whichever way you envision it, we can make it happen. Shop wet room essentials here.

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