The winter months are here which means shorter days and colder nights! With how things have panned out over the last 12 months this time of year may be a headache to some which is understandable. 

Here at Mega Bathrooms we stock high quality heating solutions that will keep you warm in these winter months. It is underestimated from a design standpoint the functionality of a radiator system. Whilst bringing heat, it can also bring style and sophistication if done correctly. 

Read on to learn more from our bathroom design specialists and how we can help you keep in style and warmth this winter.

Which radiators do we stock?

Believe it or not there are multiple styles and types of radiators available. If for whatever reason you need a hand with installing or picking out your new radiator, our team are here to help you out.

A brief overview of our radiators:

- Vertical

- Towerrail

- Underfloor Heating

We will now go over different options we stock at Mega Bathrooms for keeping your home warm this winter and ways in which you can style them!

Vertical Radiators

Vertical radiators are what they say on the tin, they are a vertically shaped radiator that is placed on your wall further up. They are contemporary radiators that act as an art piece due to their slicker designs. We believe that vertical radiators can really bring a bathroom to life. 

Our range of vertical radiators not only offer style but they offer functionality too. They are ideal for those who may have a smaller bathroom setup. They are compact and do not require a lot of space to get the benefits of a heated bathroom.

Why not shop our range and choose from our stylish range. Our top pick is the Oval Double in the Anthracite colourway. Please be aware that the valves necessary for this radiator are sold separately in our store. Feel free to contact us for more information. 

Oval Double Designer Radiator - Anthracite 1800 x 472

Towel Rail Radiators

Our next product category for our bathroom heating options is the towel rail radiator. This type of radiator offers a great deal of style and functionality. Simply leave your towels and clothes on it whilst you use your bathroom. Creating not only a warm bathroom, but also a tidy one too!

One thing that must be noted is the potential drawbacks. A main one is how warm these radiators can heat up your room. With the grid like design, this cuts back on the heat emitted so have this in mind. They are still high stylish and functional so there are leaps and bounds. On average they may emit less heat than a normal radiator and they take less time to heat also. 

Have you seen our Atlantis C1-12 1200x500 radiator? They provide a higher BTU* output than other radiators. Not that but their aesthetics are beautiful. If you have a large natural light source this radiator is ideal as the shiny exterior will reflect the light making your bathroom a glowing shine. 

*BTU is the British Thermal Unit. It is a unit of heat and refers to as the amount of heat being used to raise one pound of water by one fahrenheit. 

Underfloor Heating

If you are looking for a different take on heating your bathroom, why not consider underfloor heating? They are another slick heating choice and are not on show in your bathroom. They offer convenient heating and are satisfying when you wake up in the morning and need warming up when getting ready. 

Our range of underfloor heating options are convenient and can be easily installed at home without the need of a professional. Of course if you do need assistance we are happy to assist you. Warmup Sticky Mat 150 Watts - 4m²  is a highly efficient heating option perfect for this point in time. 

Why not buy a Tempo Digital Programmable Thermostat to keep control of your underfloor heating temperature. A cool slick design, that if needs be can be painted over to match your bathroom’s appearance. 

This option is amazing as it won’t raise the height of your flooring. Meaning no one will know it’s there, until their feet are toasty and warm. Enjoy a lifetime warranty when buying this product too, meaning you are covered if there are defects or any issues. 

Alternative heating methods

We appreciate that some of our options may be pricey. There are other solutions too such as double glazing windows and electric heaters you can turn on and off as you please. 

Be sure to not leave your heater on unattended though as this could prove dangerous. 

There we have it, if you enjoyed this guide be sure to check out our full range on our site today!

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