If you're considering buying a new bidet or bidet toilet and are looking for guidance and advice, our experienced team have put together this guide for your benefit, with everything you need to know when buying a bidet, and our different buying options available at Mega Bathrooms. 


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A proven hit throughout history and across different corners of the world, the West is starting to catch on to what Bidets are, and how they fit and work within your bathroom setup.

What are Bidet Toilets?

Firstly let's cover what a Bidet Toilet is. 


Bidets are a basin like bowl that are usually in a bathroom. They are used to wash yourself in a clean and concise way that is simple and easy, without any mess.

Where do Bidet Toilets originate?

Bidet Toilets were originally found in France in the 1600s. As cleanliness amongst the upper classes of society was broadening, this new invention was revolutionary and many were quick to adopt it, along with all the benefits that it brings. 


A fun fact about this bathroom accessory is that Bidet actually means “pony” when translated from French. “Bider”, a similar word meant “to trot” in Old French, when looking at Bidet connotations in English it makes sense, as you would straddle a horse when riding it.


Not much has changed since its inception as it is still found in homes and bathrooms alike. The only differences are the different designs, colours and types of Bidets that are updated year after year. 

What different types of Bidet Toilets are there?

Here at Mega Bathrooms we stock a wide range of high quality dual Bidets perfect for any bathroom or budget. We offer flexible payment plans so you can spread the cost of any of our products for those stress free shopping experiences, with 0% interest on all of your purchases taken through these plans. 

Read on to find out more about our different Bidet Toilets and how exactly they work.

Wall Hung Bidet Toilets

Wall Hung Bidets are another one of our popular options in our extensive range of bidets. 


We offer different colours to suit your colour scheme, choose from a traditional white colourway or take it a step further with a tempting red.


With them being attached via the wall, Wall Hung Bidets minimise space in your bathroom making it easier to clean the floor when compared to a floor standing bidet. 

Having less room being taken up by the Bidet allows a compact feel to the bathroom, giving you more space and freedom to move around. Especially those who have showers alongside their Bidets. 

Rimless Bidet Toilets

Rimless Bidet Toilets are perfect for people with busy lives, but who still want to enjoy the functionality of a bidet.  These offer a more modern, slimmed down design where space is essential or you are looking for a contemporary feel in your bathroom.

The rimless design of this bidet option discourages the buildup of unwanted bacteria that has potential to cause any illness. 

Rimless Bidet also has a built-in switch giving you control of how much water is used in your bidet. Perfect for the current economic climate. 

Close Coupled Bidet Toilet

One of our most popular Bidet Toilet options comes in the form of the Close Coupled Bidet Toilet. 

Why is this, might you ask? Well, The Close Coupled Bidet is both a traditional Bidet and Toilet put together into one handy appliance. 

Japan has really caught onto this trend with all in one robot style toilets that allow you to go about your business, ending the experience with a mechanical wash down of the rear end. 

Our range offers comfort and cleanliness when you and/or your family need it most. 

Our Coupled Bidet style Toilets are perfect if you are limited on space, but are still wanting to experience the bidet in your bathroom. The compact design also creates less headache when coming to clean it and your bathroom space. Meaning this product really has you, the consumer, in mind. 

They come in two different styles, open back and closed back.

  • The closed back sits flush to the wall for a more modern and contemporary feel in your bathroom.

  • Our open back styles are more traditional as they offer space behind the Bidet Toilet unit.

Both styles offer maximum comfort when using your toilet. We’ve even had complaints that they’re too comfy!

Combined Bidet Toilet Valves

To benefit from the full functionality of a bidet toilet, you will need to install a valve. Valves give you control over the flow of water all the way down to the temperature and speed at which it comes out. 

Overall the Bidet Toilet is a great addition for any bathroom and is a great way to keep yourself and your bathroom clean and tidy, combining two units into one for space saving and efficiency.   


Be sure to check out our extensive range of Bidets via our website, and get in touch with our team today on 01617103960 if you need any further support or information.

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